The team

This project is run from the Department of Biological Sciences and the K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep-Sea Research at the University of Bergen. The University Museum of Bergen is a major partner in the project and will be in charge of the curation of the material and documenting material to be barcoded through NorBol. In addition, they are providing taxonomic expertise on their respective animal groups. The University of Tromsø and the Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate (CAGE) will be provide material of fauna from cold seeps collected through the AKMA project, and from previous expeditions. In addition, they will contribute with taxonomic expertise on foraminifera from vents and seeps. From these three institutions as well as from others, taxonomists covering all major groups are contributing to the project (see below). 

University of Bergen

Mari Heggernes Eilertsen
Project manager, DNA-barcoding, taxonomic work Annelida and Mollusca

Pedro Ribeiro
Data management, cruise support

Tone Ulvatn
Technichian, cruise support, handling of material

University Museum of Bergen

Anne Helene Tandberg
DNA-barcoding, taxonomic work Crustacea

Jon Anders Kongsrud
Curation of material, taxonomic work Annelida

Luis Martell
Taxonomic work Cnidaria

Nataliya Budaeva
Taxonomic work Annelida

Francisca Carvalho
Taxonomic work Porifera

Katrine Kongshavn
DNA-barcoding, illustrations

University of Tromsø/CAGE

Giuliana Panieri
Responsible for seep fieldwork, taxonomic work Foraminifera


Pierre-Antoine Dessandier
Taxonomic work Foraminifera

NTNU University Museum

Torkild Bakken
Taxonomy of Annelida and Mollusca


Eivind Oug
Taxonomic work Annelida

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Sofia Ramalho
Taxonomic work Nematoda

Ana Hilário
Taxonomic work Siboglinidae